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Dominican College is a Catholic school under the trusteeship of the Dominican Sisters; it was founded in 1870 as both a boarding and day school. It is situated on a height overlooking Wicklow Town with a superb view over Wicklow Bay and the surrounding countryside.

A school rich in traditions and talents, this tradition had been handed down to us through the vision and dedication of our predecessors in Dominican education and continues to inspire us today. We are inclusive in our intake, comprehensive in our curriculum, encouraging justice and fairness in our structures and behaviour management strategies. We endeavor to promote Christian Values. Justice, Peace, Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Mutual Understanding are promoted in the daily life of the school community. Dominican education is concerned with the education fo the whole person; strong emphasis is placed on each student attaining her full potential academically, care is also taken to ensure that the student benefits from an enriching all-round education.

An important facet of Dominican is the recognition and acceptance of the difference in ability and gifts of each student. We help students to make sound judgements; that is done through developing a love for truth. The Dominican motto ‘Veritas’, meaning ‘Truth’, is the inspiration for our work. Students are encouraged to probe and discuss the issues raised in life and respond with positive action according to the possibilities open to them.