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Maths Week


Maths Week

This year Maths Week took place from October 13th-19th. The Maths Department organised two daily competitions, one junior and one senior. Outside Dominic’s 1 there was a box in which different Maths puzzles were placed each day. Anyone who wished could participate as many times as they liked. I won the junior puzzle on the first day and I received a voucher for the canteen.

Some of the puzzles involved visual questions. For example one day there was a diagram and you were asked‘how many triangles can you see?’ There were lots of triangles inside other triangles!

 On the Friday during Maths class, we went to the Geography Room to join with Ms Fallon’s Maths class for a fun Maths quiz. We were put into groups of four and we received a sheet with puzzles and brain teasers on it. Ms Carthy and Ms Fallon corrected them. Unfortunately my team didn’t win but the group that did win got a big bar of chocolate each!

Abbie O’Loughlin, 1 Opal.