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Newsletter March 1st

Active Schools Challenge   
Congratulations to 2 Emerald who were the undisputed winners of the 'Active Schools Challenge'. Over the course of the four weeks, 2 Emerald had accumulated the greatest number of tokens from their participation in all the extra lunch-time and after-school activities. The reward for their effort was a paintballing trip organised by Ms Mynes. This was a very popular prize and was much enjoyed by the girls. Many thanks to Mr Martin and Ms Mynes for running the event and organising a great day away from the books!

The next round of matches for our Junior basketball players will take place in Coláiste Chill Mhantáin. Both the first year and second year teams will take on their local rivals, and we wish them the very best of luck. Following these matches the teams will travel to Bray, a neutral venue to play their other local rivals E.G.S. The league matches are drawing to a close, but both teams have won their games to date, and all bodes well for their qualification to the next stage of the competition. Training continues every Monday after-school, and all are welcome.

The first-year cross country athletes are training hard in preparation for the Nationals Finals which will take place in Kildare on Saturday, March 9th. We congratulate them on their fantastic achievements to date and wish them the very best of luck in the next step of their journey.

On the first Sunday of the midterm, our dedicated team of show-jumpers took the short journey to Boswell Equestrian Centre in Ashford to compete in another of the Inter-schools showjumping competitions. It proved to be a successful day with the Novice team placing third. On this team, we had Alannah Miley and Megan Neville from first year, Naoise O'Neill from second year and senior student Aoife O'Leary. In the Open competition, the Dominican girls were placed fourth. Jumping in this competition, we had third-year students Jessica Phelan and Casey Neville, second-year student Naoise O'Neill with Ella Mulvey from first-year completing the team. Well done to all the girls and thanks to Ms Stafford for all her support and guidance.

Transition Year Rugby
With the Six Nations in full swing, rugby is a very popular sport throughout the country at the moment. No better time then for our transition year students to take up the challenge of learning a new sport. To facilitate this the Wicklow CCRO (community and clubs rugby officer) Aidan Kearney has kindly agreed to provide an eight-week coaching course for all our transition year students. The ultimate goal for the girls will be to participate in an Inter-schools rugby blitz at the end of the module. Many thanks to Aidan for his expertise and we hope the girls "Are all in"!

Spanish Day
On February 28th there was an additional menu in the canteen for some of our lucky students. Ms Wadden's second-year Spanish class were treated to a variety of delicious and authentic Spanish Tapas. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the Tapas especially the 'Patatas Bravas'. The following day the girls put pen to paper in class as they described their Spanish lunch. A huge thanks to Russell and Norma for their culinary delights. The girls and Ms Wadden are especially appreciative as their lunch was provided just prior to the general lunch-time rush!

Fairtrade is based on the partnership between some of the most disadvantaged farmers and workers in the developing world and the people who buy their products. It is a powerful way to reduce poverty through our everyday shopping. Not all students are aware of its benefits so 'Fairtrade Fortnight' in DCW began with an awareness campaign. First-year students designed and put up posters around the school highlighting 'Fairtrade Fortnight'. At tutor time on Monday morning, every student was given the Fairtrade logo to colour, and their attempts went into a draw. The first correctly coloured logo selected was given a Fairtrade prize of a box of Malteser chocolates. This was won by Casey Fitzpatrick from 2 Emerald. At the end of the first week, the first years will host a Fairtrade Coffee and Tea gathering with Fairtrade goodies. There will be a treasure trail with questions and prizes. There will be a Fairtrade exhibition stand, a Fairtrade bingo wheel and a Fairtrade taster chocolate survey with prizes. A Fairtrade Easter Egg raffle will also be held. All proceeds will go to Fairtrade Ireland. Huge thanks to Ms Martin for her tireless work promoting Fairtrade and we look forward to the events of the second week.

First Year Art Trip
On Tuesday 26th February a group of thirty-five first-year art students travelled to Dublin to visit the National Art Gallery. Here they had a guided tour of the National Portrait Collection. This collection in particular correlated with their portrait module in class. The guide was very informative and engaged well with the girls. Next on the agenda was a visit to the National Museum to view the bronze age pottery work. This too related to a current pottery project in school. A great day was had by all and many thanks to Ms Horan for organising the trip.

Geography Field Trip
On Wednesday 27th February the T.Y. Geography students visited The Murrough as part of their Geography field trip. Coastal erosion is currently very topical, and here the girls had the perfect opportunity to study the coastal processes and protections that have been put in place. The students enjoyed the trip, and it was a great practical application of all the theory learned in class. Thanks to Ms Kelly for a great lesson outside the classroom!

Every year the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland provide a week-long programme for Transition Year students entitled 'My Health'. As places for the lectures are limited there is a lottery to choose the students who will actually attend the College. Georgia Brennan-Kelly was the lucky student selected to attend from DCW. To facilitate all other Transition Year students around the country, live streams of the lectures are provided to the schools. Throughout the week students had the option of attending lectures on topics as diverse as heart surgery, lung transplants, superbugs, epilepsy, sports injuries and plastic surgery but to name a few. The uptake on viewing the lectures was very high, and the girls deemed them to be very informative and relevant.