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Newsletter Nov. 20th

Science News   
Last week the Science Department ran a series of activities and competitions as part of the annual National Science Week. In the junior classes every morning at registration, there were daily questions that tested the girl's knowledge of the natural, biological, and physical world, chemicals, and space. Prizes were given to each year group. In first-year, the winners were Abi Byrne and Rionnach Fleming. The second-year winners were Rosie Armstrong and Sarah Williams, while Fatima Kazi and Annabel Werner took the prizes in third-year. Ms Kelly ran a table quiz during her second-year science classes. Karla McEvoy, Hannah Synnott and Keelin Campbell Rawson took the top spot in this competition. Well done to all our junior budding Einstein's. There was also a poster competition based on the National Science Week theme 'Choosing our Future'. Fifth-year student Gabrielle Crowley and sixth-year student Douha Al Sulaiman won this competition.

Get Fresh Canteen
The Get Fresh canteen is continuing to operate an online ordering lunch service for all students and staff. If you wish to avail of the canteen services, your first step is to purchase a €5 card that contains a unique code to be used when ordering your food. A document which gives step by step instructions on the ordering process will accompany each card. Each hub area has a designated food drop area where students will collect their food items. At each of the drop off points, there are posters giving information on the daily freebie which accompanies every order. Be sure not to miss out on some of your favourite treats and snacks for free!!

College Awareness Week
College Awareness Week is a national campaign which aims to promote the benefits of going to college. It hopes to encourage students of all ages to begin thinking of their future career paths. Individual schools are asked to get involved and plan events to highlight different career ideas. This national event takes place next week so watch out for the school-based activities and get involved! Some of the scheduled events include virtual college tours and quizzes with prizes for junior and senior students. All staff members will be wearing badges detailing their college choices. The idea is that if a student sees a college that interests them, they will ask the teacher any questions that they may have. It is never too early to start planning for the future!

First-Year Vaccinations
The first-year HPV vaccinations took place on November 16th and 17th. Management would like to thank the community health nurses that came into the school for the thoughtful way in which they dealt with the students. Vaccinations can be a daunting prospect, but for our students, it was made easier by the kindness of the nurses.

Sixth-Year Parent-Teacher Meetings
The first online Parent-Teacher meeting took place on Tuesday, November 17th. The online forum necessitates a considerable amount of planning as individual Google Meet codes for each teacher needs to be collated and distributed to every parent and a designated time slot organised. The feedback from both staff and parents was very positive, and all coped well with the new mode of communication. One positive from the COVID restrictions will be the improvement of all our I.T. skills! Management would like to thank the parents for their patience and support with all the necessary changes this year. Planning is now underway for the third-year Parent-Teacher meeting which is scheduled for Wednesday, November 25th.

The Leaving Certificate 2020
The students of the Leaving Cert class of 2020 who were dissatisfied with their calculated grades were given the option to sit the traditional written examinations this November. Students could choose to take exams in one or more subjects. The first exam, Biology took place on Monday, November 16th. Two students from DCW sat this exam. The other subjects taken by Dominican students were French, Home Economics and German. All the staff of DCW would like to wish the girls the very best of luck with their results and hope that everything works out in their favour.

Ember Leaders
The Ember leadership team have been partnered with Catholic University School in Dublin as part of the Ember programme. The teams will meet virtually throughout this year to share ideas and support each other in their faith leadership roles. The Dominican fifth-year students are looking forward to their first official meeting in the coming weeks. The Ember team will also feature in the Ember programme newsletter which features all the work being done by Ember teams around the country.

Sixth-Year Well Being
The well-being team have been busy this year organising activities and treats for both staff and students. This week their focus was on the sixth-year students. In their religion class, they took a little time out to make some stress balls. Under the supervision of Ms Walshe and Ms Flood, they used balloons and flour to make their stress ball. The girls had great fun making and decorating them. Thank you to Ms Stafford and Ms Murphy for all their great ideas to promote a positive sense of well being in the school.

Christmas Exam Timetables
As stated previously, there is a change of date for the start of the Christmas exams as appeared on the school calendar. The provisional timetables have now been posted outside the classrooms in all the hubs. First and fifth and sixth-year students have a full week of exams beginning on Monday, November 30th. Second-year students will have their regular timetabled classes on Monday 30th and begin their exams on Tuesday, December 1st. Due to CBA's, the third-year students have fewer exams, and they will begin on Wednesday, December 2nd. Regular classes will precede on Monday and Tuesday. The transition-year students have now completed their assessment week, and their reports will go live shortly.