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Newsletter Feb. 26th

National Reading Week   
More than ever, we need to take some time to relax and do the things we enjoy. To slow down a little and appreciate the simple pleasures. This week was National Reading Week, and the school Management organised a break from class time to allow students to engage in personal reading. On Friday afternoon, students were encouraged to leave the screens and make a pledge to join others around the country reading as much as possible. Thank you to Ms Mynes and Mr Martin for recognising the importance of looking after our students' mental wellbeing. The student body very much appreciated the gesture.

Keeping Well Workshops
To further aid students' wellbeing, Management at DCW organised 'Keeping Well' Workshops to be run after the midterm break. The online workshops for first, second and fifth-year students were organised for Tuesday, February 223rd. Third and sixth-year students enjoyed their sessions on Thursday the 25th. The ISPCC ran the workshops. The workshops' underlying goal was to instil confidence in the participants and develop a set of skills, techniques, and ideas to cope with challenging times. The feedback from the students was very positive.

The Dingle Way Walking Challenge
Well done to all the Junior students who embraced the 'Stepping into 2021' walking challenge. Students competed with their peer groups over the last six weeks to see which class groups could record the greatest number of combined steps. Students will input their final step count this week as they continued the challenge over the midterm. The results will be computed and released next week. Well done to the significant number of students who recorded more than 100 000 steps over the midterm week. Students will now attempt to walk the 163 km distance of The Dingle Way Walking Trail for their next challenge. The trail is broken into eight manageable segments ranging from between 14 and 29 Km. Maps of each segment are available to the students, and they will keep a weekly progress report of their locations along the trail. They will submit the number of walking days and hours for each section. The challenge is to be the first person in their class group to complete the distance. So time to get the walking shoes on and clock up the kilometres.

Around the World with DCW
As mentioned previously, Ms Scahill set a challenge for the school community to see how far they could travel worldwide while staying within a 5km radius. The challenge was extended to families as well. Students were asked to record their steps, take a screenshot and send it to Ms Scahill (www.padlet.com/laurascahill/aroundtheworldwithdcw). Every evening Ms Scahill adds the distance travelled and posts to the wellbeing wall. With all the fantastic efforts in the PE classes and the continued efforts over the midterm break, we have left Cardiff, travelled through France, visited Switzerland, progressed to Milan and travelled up to Luxembourg. Keep on sending in your data to increase the 3,052 km travelled to date.

Junior Maths Competition
The IMTA ran their annual Maths competition online this year during the week of February 22nd – 26th. Six of our first-year students took part; Alana McMahon, Blaithin Donelon, Halle McDougall, Leisha Daly, Rionnach Fleming and Zofia Zero. In previous years students progressed to a final. In the absence of a final, this year prizes will be awarded to the top students from their online submissions. We wish the girls the very best of luck and eagerly await the results.

Wellness Wall
The DCW Ember Leaders have created a Wellness Wall for the school to share ideas, resources and words of wisdom during this difficult time. The Wellness Wall includes weekly challenges, study tips, mindfulness techniques, podcasts and inspirational quotes. Over the weeks', many pets have joined in with the online classes. As a result, the Ember Leaders challenge you to take and post pictures with your newly acquired study buddies. Please take a picture of you, and your pet doing some school work and send it to Ms Flood. All kinds of weird and wonderful pets are welcome! Check out the Wellness Wall to see Ms Flood and her cat for inspiration.

Steps Engineers Week 2021
Steps Engineers Week is an annual week-long festival of nationwide activities celebrating the world of engineering in Ireland. Science teachers in DCW are promoting the festival and are guiding students to the fun activities online that aim to inspire the next generation of engineers. Second-year science students are currently investigating career paths in the field and are competing in online quizzes. Visit the website and check out all the fantastic ways to get involved in Steps Engineers Week, all from the comfort of your home.