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Newsletter April 16th

Welcome back   
The Management team and staff were delighted to welcome all students back to school on Monday, April 12th. Preparations for the students' return were ongoing before the Easter break. Each Year Head decorated the hubs with welcome banners and bunting, citing motivational quotes and inspirational song lyrics. All the students were very appreciative of the gesture and settled quickly into work mode, delighted to be back in the classroom.

IMTA Update
As reported previously, the IMTA ran their annual Maths competition online this year at the end of February. Six of our first-year students took part; Alana McMahon, Blaithin Donelon, Halle McDougall, Leisha Daly, Rionnach Fleming and Zofia Zero. Initially, their Maths teacher Mr O'Reilly had been informed that two of the students, Zofia Zero and Halle McDougall, had finished in the top 60 of 6000 entrants. Further contact was received from the competition coordinators just before the Easter break to inform the school that Zofia had placed third in the competition. A beautiful plaque was sent to the school, and a special presentation was organised during registration on Monday, April 12th, the day the students returned to school. To be placed third in a national competition was a fantastic achievement, and we commend Zofia on her impressive logic and problem-solving skills.

Sixth-Year Leadership Roles
Preparations are now beginning for the next academic year. One important tier to the school community is the student leadership team. The application process for Head and Deputy Head Girl's roles, the prefects and the sports captains is now open. Interested students are advised to contact Ms Fox if they have any queries and collect the relevant forms.

Mentor Meeting
The fifth-year mentors were back in action immediately after the Easter Holidays. They resumed their supportive roles meeting with the first-year students on Monday, April 12th. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the meeting was held outdoors. It was an excellent opportunity for the first-year students to ask any questions they had about the annual events held in the last term and share any concerns they may have had on return to school after such a long time. The mentors hope to organise some fun socially distanced activities for the first years in the final term.

Water Safety Module
After an initial introduction to their water safety module online, 4 Gold enjoyed their first in-person session on the beach with Ms Morton on Wednesday, April 14th. It was another beautiful sunny day, and the students thoroughly enjoyed putting their knowledge of the different types of rescue into practice. The key focus of this practical session was how to use a ringbouy. The transition-year students were taught how to establish and maintain voice contact with the person, secure the rope and release the ringbuoy achieving the appropriate distance. Reach, and wade rescues are to follow when the students brave the water in the coming weeks.

CAT 4 Assessments
The CAT 4 assessments undertaken by the incoming first-year students provide crucial information to cater to mixed-ability classes, essential student and teacher support, and differentiated learning. The students joining DCW next September took their assessments on April 17th and 18th. Strict COVID guidelines were adhered to with students wearing masks and following sanitising protocol. Students from Holy Rosary took the exams on Friday, with other local schools sitting the exams on Saturday. Only students from the same school were roomed together, with sittings at 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm. All rooms were sanitised between sessions. We look forward to learning about our new students and welcoming them in September.

Dates for the Diary
On Wednesday, April 28th, there will be an online meeting for all incoming first years. Staff who teach one of the seven choice subjects will give a short presentation detailing their course specifications and answering any queries. Hopefully, this will be a fun but informative event that will help the students decide what curriculum subjects they would like to choose for their Junior Cycle. On May 4th, there will be another online meeting, this time for the parents. A detailed overview of life in DCW will be presented, and time allocated for a question and answer session.

The Transition Year graduation is scheduled for May 20th, the sixth-year prizegiving and graduation day for May 25th.