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Newsletter May 21st

Often parents and guardians are unaware of the variety of activities in and outside the classroom on any given day. To counteract this, D.C.W now has developed a new Instagram page where you can keep up to date on school life and view pictures of the numerous activities and events every day. Make sure to follow dominicancollegewicklow to get an up to date insight into our school community.

Last Friday, the school Management collaborated with Ms Roche to put together another well-being activity. It was well-timed, coming at the end of a hectic week and gave everyone a very welcome lift. For the final fifteen minutes of the day, everyone was asked to Drop Everything and Salsa. All teachers were given a link for a solo salsa dance routine projected on the video screens. Students were given a short tutorial on a series of beginner Salsa steps and then tried their best to follow the instructor as she guided them through a quick routine. The students and staff had great fun attempting to keep up to speed. Thank you to Management for their continuous focus on student and staff well-being.

Transition Year Geography Trip
On Monday afternoon, May 17th, all the transition year students went on a trip to the beach as part of our Geography module. Mr O’Reilly, Mr Doolin and Ms Hennessey accompanied us as we walked down to the seafront. Everyone participated in several activities such as wave counting, calculating the distance to the horizon, and monitoring the direction and speed of longshore drift. The practical experiments were a great way of learning, and it was a nice change from working in the classroom! Report by Lucy Doherty, 4 Gold.

This week it was the turn of 4 Silver and 4 Gold to take to the water and practise their kayaking skills. On Tuesday, May 18th, 4 Silver dodged a downpour leaving a few minutes later than planned and made their way down to the River Vartry remaining in high spirits. They were accompanied by Mr Doolin, Mr Flatley and school photographer Mr Loughlin. There was plenty of water inside the kayaks following the rain, but this did not deter the girls. They thoroughly enjoyed their paddle past the Iron Bridge and then down to the quay. On Friday, May 21st, 4 Gold were accompanied by Ms Kelly and Ms Gallagher. They, too, thoroughly enjoyed the river expedition despite a few spills into the water ( most likely on purpose!). Many thanks to Wicklow Kayaking for their expertise and patient manner in dealing with the students.

Third Year Science
In Science class, all third-year students have been watching the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy, continuing their learning on sustainability. The programme highlighted the issues of plastic waste in the oceans due to human behaviour. It also demonstrated the effects of overfishing, leaving plastic nets in the sea and reducing biodiversity. In keeping with the environmentalist and marine themes, the students headed down to the beach on Wednesday, May 19th, for follow-up action. The beach clean-up also tied in with their C.S.P.E theme of giving back to your environs. At first sight, the beach looked relatively clean. However, the students still collected six sizable black refuse bags, finding plastic bottles, packaging, and aluminium cans between the rocks, bushes, and beachfront. The girls even found a lobster pot. The task was rewarding, and the girls now have a greater appreciation for a clean environment.

Second Year Fun Day
On May 18th, all the second-year students enjoyed a morning away from the classroom. Working with Ms Doyle, the fifth-year mentors organised fun activities to destress the students and create lovely memories to end the challenging year. The mentors got into the spirit of the day and dressed up according to their roles as quiz masters, bingo hosts and dance coaches. The quiz masters were Casey Neville, Emma Philips, Eva Lawless and Catherine Moyseyeva. Sadhbh Dolan, Isabella Downey and Morgan Elliott practised their rhyming skills as the bingo callers, while Ruby Donohoe, Shauna Brett, Faye Larkin and Mia McCannwere tireless as the Just Dance crew. The year group was divided in two, with one group getting into the groove with Just Dance and the other testing their luck and general knowledge. The day was a huge success thanks to the superb organisational skills of the mentors. They took sole responsibility for devising the timetable, booking the venues and running the events. Well done to all involved.

First Year Fun Day
Despite some heavy rain showers in the morning, the mentors could stick to the original outdoor plan for the first-year fun day. Following an early lunch break, one group of first-year students were taken to the hockey pitch. The pitch was set up on one half for a kick rounders tournament and the other a Covid friendly obstacle course. There was a bit of friendly rivalry between the various teams but lots of laughs too. Meanwhile, the second group of students raced around the College grounds as they tried to solve the cryptic scavenger hunt clues. Once again, the fifth-year mentors confidently took charge organising the events and encouraging the junior students. A fantastic rapport has been developed and fostered throughout the year between the senior and junior students. The highly competent mentors involved with the first-year students were Ayla Doyle, Jessica Corkish, Mia Kristiansen, Gabrielle Crowley, Ella Healy, Leah Murphy, Sorcha Cronin, Direann Drennan and Abi Smith.
Throughout the day, the mentors selected students for prizes based on their efforts and skill. Marcelina Glinka, Clodagh Forsey, Kaelin Scanlon, and Amy Lalor were the prize winners in the kick rounders. In the obstacle course, Matilda Finnerty, Jill Connolly, Yvette Davis, Erica Byrne, Kayleigh Jameson, Ava Doyle, Emily Deehan and Ella McEvoy made up the winning team. Well done to all our first-year students for their fantastic teamwork.

Transition Year Graduation
The first task for the transition-year students on graduation day was to organise and display all their practical projects and artworks in Fatima Hall. Photographs from the photography module were printed and provided a very colourful backdrop on the walls. The prize giving ceremony then took place at 2 pm. Students were rewarded for their academic and non-academic endeavours throughout the year. The Spirit of Transition Year 2021, Academic Excellence and Academic Achievement were the top awards presented. Caoimhe McAuliffe won Academic Excellence with Julie Phelan and Aisling Ledesma sharing Academic Achievement. The final prize of the day, The Spirit of T.Y., was awarded to Hollie Culhane Mowlds. Congratulations to all our prizewinners and to the thirty-two students who received their Bronze Gaisce Award. Thank you to Ms Goff, the transition-year coordinator, for all her hard work ensuring the smooth running of the ceremony.

Second Year Enterprise Fair
Congratulations to all our budding entrepreneurs on their very successful Fair Day. On May 19th, the second-year business students came into school early to set up their stalls and were ready for their first customers at 9.30 am. Their booths were tastefully decorated, and they had all the necessary display racks and stands for their products. All groups reported a high volume of sales. The pre-orders alone for Funky Faces and Joy Jewellery covered the cost of materials. A special mention must be given to two mini-companies, B.B. necklaces and Funky Faces. Both groups decided to donate 30% of their profits to charity. Shannon Sweeney, Sorcha O’Neill, Kiera Delahunt, Rosie Armstrong and Sophie Eccles were founders of the B.B. necklaces, and their chosen charity was The Wicklow Hospice. Caelin Lenehan, Holly Lewis and Dean Fermo, creators of the funky face masks, decided to donate to Pieta House. All students agreed the enterprise fair was a fantastic way to research a business plan, design a marketing strategy and understand the significance of costs. Thank you to Mr Fromholz for facilitating the enterprise fair.