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Newsletter May 28th

New Curriculum Subjects   
The school Management is delighted to announce the addition of two new subjects to the school curriculum next year. For the first time, Technical graphics will be offered to our first-year students, and Computer Science will be provided for our fifth-year students.

For the last few Friday afternoons, there has been a variation on the Drop Everything and Read idea. We had the Drop Everything and Relax and then the Drop Everything and Salsa. These initiatives were set in place by management as part of the ongoing focus on student and teacher wellbeing. I think all students agreed that management had saved the best until last. The final variation on the theme took place on Friday, May 21st, when at 3 pm, it was announced that the school community could Drop Everything and Go! There were delighted cheers as students quickly gathered their belongings and exited the building.

Prize Giving Ceremonies
The prize giving ceremonies for both the first and second-year groups took place on Friday, May 21st. The second-year ceremony took place at 9 am, followed by the first-year event at 11 am. In each subject, an academic award was presented to the student who excelled the most. A merit award was then given to students based on their outstanding efforts and commitment to that subject. At the end of each ceremony, there was a slide show of all the photos taken throughout the year. The fifth-year event took place on Monday, May 24th. In addition to the fifth year academic and merit awards, there were presentations for the significant Transition Year awards from the previous year. The Spirit of T.Y. was given to Gabrielle Crowley, and Ella Healy received a plaque for the highest achievement in the Junior Cert. The big announcement of the Head and Deputy Head Girl was saved until last. The results were very popular with all the fifth-year students. Abi Smith will be the Head Girl next year, and Isabella Downey will be her Deputy. A pizza lunch was organised by the Year Head, Ms Fox, before the ceremony, which went down a treat with the students. Congratulations to all our diligent award winners throughout the year groups.

Leadership Team 2021/2022
The interview process for next year's student Leadership Team has concluded, and careful consideration has been given to allocating the prestigious positions. In addition to Abi and Isabella as the Head and Deputy Head Girl, we are delighted to announce the following prefects and sports captains. The first-year prefects will be Eva Rose lawless, Casey Neville and Emma Philips, with Sorcha Cronin, Mia Kristiansen and Catherine Moyseyeva working with the second-year students. In the third year, the prefects will be Robyn Brennan, Morgan Elliott and Caitlin Godfrey. The Hockey captain will be Ella Healy, the Basketball captain Dirreann Drennan and the G.A.A. captain Holly McSorley. Congratulations to all our successful candidates.

Sixth-Year Sports day
On Monday, May 24th, the sixth-year students participated in their very last school sports day. Unfortunately, the rest of the school community could not celebrate the day with them due to Covid restrictions. Nonetheless, there was an air of excitement and fun as the girls dressed up and were ready for action. The day's theme was 'Dads', as each student took on their dad's persona and dress sense. This made for some fascinating attire and footwear! The events were all socially distanced and fun-based, but there was a little competition evident too. The day concluded with some of the staff joining in a modified game of kick rounders. Thank you to school photographer Peter for the fantastic action shots captured.

Sixth-Year Graduation
This year the sixth-year graduation was a lovely intimate event between the sixth-year students and staff, with siblings looking on from the balcony. The day was recorded and made available to parents. A reflection read by Mr Cronin followed the ceremony of light. The merit and academic excellence awards were presented next, followed by an acknowledgement of leadership roles. The final two prestigious awards were the Croí award and the Veritas award. The Croí award is given to students who have shown exceptional resilience, empathy and kindness to all community members throughout their time in D.C.W. Katie Hayden, Ava Frazer, Aisling Walsh and Heather McInerney all received this award. The Veritas award is presented to the student who encapsulates the spirit of D.C.W., lives out the ethos daily, and gives herself to the whole school community. All in the hall were upstanding as the award was presented to Georgia Brennan Kelly.

Third Year Prize Giving and Sports Day
For our third-year students, May 26th was their very last day as junior students. They enjoyed a late start to the day and met for their prize giving ceremony at 10.45 am. The most significant award was a new one entitled The Spirit of Third Year. Mya Neiland was presented with this award and was a very popular choice among both staff and students. Following the awards ceremony, the students dressed up in the colours of their class names and headed to the pitch to battle it out in games of kick rounders. Six teams were divided into two sections and completed a round-robin tournament with the two winning teams competing in a final. It was Opal versus Emerald in the concluding match. The match was extremely tight, and both teams were level at the end of the designated time. On countback of runs in the previous games, Opal was ahead and so declared the winners. A delicious pizza lunch was then enjoyed by all on the picnic benches on the basketball courts. Everyone was in high spirits and many photos were taken to mark a great end to a challenging year. Thank you to the Year Head, Ms Gaffney, for all the preparatory work to ensure the smooth running of the day.

On Thursday, May 27th, the staff and school management said their sad farewells to one of the longstanding members of the ancillary staff, Lucy Franey. Lucy has dedicated herself to the school for the last fourteen years, and we are eternally grateful for her commitment to the school and efforts to make our school environment a nicer place. Her friendly manner, daily chats and sunny disposition will be remembered and missed.

Ember Graduation
Congratulations to the fifth-year Ember leaders who graduated on May 24th. The team of eleven students have worked hard this year as faith leaders in D.C.W. to promote a welcoming and inclusive environment in our school. As part of their graduation, the girls linked up online with the teams from the other fifteen schools involved and watched a farewell address from guest speaker Dr Declan Browne. We are sure the girls will take their confidence and leadership skills into the future. Well done.

Intercultural Day
On Thursday, May 27th, we celebrated the many different cultures in our school community. The fifth-year Ember Leaders organised Intercultural Day, working closely with Ms Flood. They surveyed all students on their cultures, including what languages they spoke and their favourite aspects. The Embers asked all students to dress in multicoloured clothes to celebrate the day and highlight the multi-cultural element within the school community. The Ember Leaders spoke over the intercom reminding all students to embrace diversity.