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Newsletter Jan 13th

Minor Hockey   
The minor hockey team played host to St Mary's Naas on Tuesday January 10th. From the start whistle the Dominican side were put under pressure and the defence were kept busy throughout the first half. The ball rarely left the defending circle. The girls put in a magnificent effort and kept concentration and totally frustrated the opposition. The score remained 0-0 at half time. Following a pep talk and a few position changes the Dominican side looked like a different team in the second
half and they enjoyed end to end play with lots of opportunities for the forwards. The visiting goalkeeper made some great saves to keep the game at 0-0. Overall it was a fantastic team effort
and a well-deserved point to add to their league tally. Their final league game will take place at home on January 24th against Muckross Park.

DCW Lotto 
Thank you to all that participated in our school fundraiser. The draw was January 5th. There was no winner of Thursday's jackpot. Congratulations to Catherine Kelly who was our weekly winner of 20 euro, the grand prize rolls over to next week. This is a fundraising initiative and the money raised will be used to directly support your children's education and purchase resources for our school including IT equipment, sports equipment, classroom and teaching resources.

BT Young Scientist Competition
Dominican College Wicklow is delighted to be represented by two TY students Keelin Campbell Rawson and Rosie Armstrong. They will be competing alongside 1100 other students for the BTYSE
Perpetual trophy and the chance to represent Ireland at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists in Brussels. 
Their project on the Chemical Processes in Photosynthesis is competing in the chemistry category and could potentially lead to bio-batteries charged by solar power. 

3rd Year Study Skills
Thank you to Scott from Student Enrichment who gave a fantastic workshop to our 3 rd year students on Study Skills. The students learned many tips, tricks and techniques that will help them to develop
their skills and prepare them for the upcoming mock examinations.

1st Year Hockey
Well done to our two 1 st year hockey teams who played the last games in their group today in Loreto Dalkey. Iona Scott and Grace Kelly were our goal scorers on the game. The first game saw great work
from our forwards Iona Scott and Isi Dunne while Roisin Leonard played a fantastic game in midfield. Roisin kept DCW in possession of the ball by helping the back line and also setting up the goal for our
forwards. In the second game, Taelor Sherry and Holly Thorton showed fantastic teamwork in midfield, ensuring we were constantly pushing back against the other team. Well done to all of the
first years who have shown great enthusiasm all year.

Diversity Committee
The Diversity Committee is up and running again this term. New members from all year groups were welcomed. We are looking at projects for the second half of the school year and the team has plenty
of ideas on the go. Keep an eye on the Yellow Flag notice board for updates.

The Book Club
The Book Club have just finished reading Skulduggery Pleasant and will be discussing this at the next meeting. All are welcome and we are looking forward to hearing everyone’s opinions. We will be
looking at a selection for the next read and are also looking forward to updating the school library with the Well Read and the Literacy teams.

French Circle
5th year French students are starting a weekly French Circle. All things French will be talked about, the aim is for informal fun with a French twist and all levels are welcome! Watch out for more info
and come along and use ‘un mot ou deux!’ 

WorldWise Global Schools
The team are busy working on Biodiversity this term. We are taking a good look at our garden areas and will be researching the best kind of pollinators we can add to our communal areas to encourage
as much in the way of diversity that we can. Any suggestions are welcome, keep an eye on the WWGS notice board for more!

The Healing Space Wicklow
The Healing Space Wicklow brings their inspiring Awakening workshops to the beautiful Fatima Hall, Dominican College, start this year with a new journey, one of abundance in all areas of your life. If
you’re feeling stuck, lacking life direction, Overwhelmed, or just feeling a little lost, you can get the clarity you deserve! This level 1 Awakening workshop will provide you with the opportunity to reset
your direction in life. You’ve heard the old saying - how can you expect to achieve a different outcome with the same actions? Focus on you, how you are standing in your own way of a life of
abundance, health, happiness and ease. From a young age, we “fit in” with our family, environment, culture and we can lose our connection with who we truly are, what our passions are and what our
purpose is. Our subconscious just keeps us running the learnt (through habit) programmes each and every day, keeping us in this status quo. If you Imagine yourself as your coveted phone - your phone
has a number of apps on it, see these as the set of programmes you live by. if one of your phone apps was not achieving what you wanted it to - what would you do? Delete it? Find a better one?
You can do that with your habits, limiting beliefs and thoughts too! Using science backed proven techniques that will change your life!
In the Awakening workshop, we will work to identify those programmes that are no longer work for you and re-wire them to ones that will! Find yourself and focus on yourself, You’re worth it!
Come with an open mind and a heart filled with curiosity! Book through Eventbrite or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information see our facebook and Instagram pages.