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The Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) aims to improve access to college for school-leavers with a disability or specific learning difficulty by allocating a number of third-level places to them on a reduced points basis. To be eligible for the scheme you must provide evidence that your disability has affected your educational performance significantly.

If you wish to apply for a college place under the DARE scheme you should apply through the Central Applications Office (CAO). When you are filling in the CAO form online you must complete the part of the form to say that you have a disability or specific learning difficulty. You will then be directed to the separate online Supplementary Information Form.

Key dates for 2023 applications using DARE

4 November 2022 - the online CAO application facility for 2023 opens.

1 February 2023 - your main application (online or paper) must reach the CAO by 5.15 p.m. Late CAO applications are not considered for DARE.

1 March 2023 - the following 3 items must reach the CAO by 5.15 p.m.

  • Tick the box on the main CAO form that indicates you have a disability or specific learning difficulty.
  • Complete Section A of the Supplementary Information Form.
  • Indicate that you wish to be considered for DARE by ticking 'Yes' on question 1.

15 March 2023, the rest of the Supplementary Information Form must reach the CAO by 5.15 p.m. These are:

  • Section B (the Educational Impact Statement)
  • Section C (evidence of a disability)

No applications will be accepted after these closing dates. The closing dates are very strict because DARE is an additional application procedure which needs extra processing time.