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Parents Association

Dominican College Wicklow's Parents’ Association is a body of parents whose aim is to act as the voice of the parents whose children are attending the school and as an intermediary between the teachers, the management of the school and the parents of the student body.

Fundamentally the character of the Parents’ Association is reflective of the school ethos; it is diverse and inclusive. We are a hands-on group of volunteers whose aim is to encourage parents to meet and get to know each other in order to enhance the sense of community within our school.

The Parents’ Association meets throughout the year, where topics relating to the school can be discussed openly and parents’ views are channelled back to the school. In addition, the Parents’ Association is heavily involved in the organisation of a number of events which require parental input in terms of organisation and logistics.

We welcome the involvement of all parents regardless of whether they are parent representative or not as we firmly believe that everyone can make a contribution to ensure that parents and students alike have a positive experience at DCW.

We encourage you to contact your class representative if you wish to bring up an issue at a PA meeting. Please note that queries concerning individual students/teachers may not be raised but should be processed through the school authorities.

The role of the Parents’ Association includes:

To inform and consult the parents regarding school policy, plans and activities
To enhance communication between the parents and school management.
To organise and encourage parents’ participation in school fundraising and other events throughout the year.
To foster social interaction between parents with the aim of nurturing the sense of school community.
To promote the wellbeing and interests of the pupils of the school in cooperation with the board, school principal, teachers and students.
To promote the school externally through a strong parent network.