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Ember Leadership Programme

Ember Leaders 2017-18

Ember Leaders: 5th Year
Eve Christie, Ella Glover, Ciara Henry (Secretary til Christmas), Keelin O’Dwyer (Chairperson), Eva Roche (Secretary after Christmas), Blaithín Ward (PR person), Tracy Wright, Laura Whitty
Existing Ember Leaders: 6th Year
Sophie Cadwell, Amy Corcoran Ryan, Sorcha Ffrench, Emma Hanlon, Susie Leonard, Jessica Maguire, Jessica Mernagh, Lucy Phelan, Blaithín Rawson

The Ember Leadership Programme is a faith leadership training programme for students at senior level in secondary level schools. The students are trained to become faith leaders in their schools and in some cases they act as mentors for incoming students at Junior Level. This programme is coordinated by the Archdiocese of Dublin Education Secretariat. Students at DCW have been interviewed and trained for this role.

Under the supervision of Ms Mynes and Mr Martin, the Ember Leaders - a group of 5th and 6th year students - work together to implement, enhance and promote the school's ethos. An example of the work done by the Ember Leaders was the creation of a beautiful new prayer room in 'Heaven'. Students gave up their holiday time to paint and decorate the room. This room provides students with a quiet place for reflection and mindfullness, which help students emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

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Ember Leadership

           Ember Leaders 2017-18