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Student Council

The Student Council consists of 18 delegates, one student representing each class group in the school. Students apply each year for the position, and a vote takes place in each class to elect their representative. Members of the Council meet regularly to discuss and debate important issues that effect the entire student body.

The Student Council is a very important link between the student community and school staff and management. The Student Council plays an important role in ensuring the entire school community has a voice. Throughout the year, they hold fundraisers for causes, both in and out of school. Fundraising for charities and appropriate causes forms an important part of the schools ethos. 

The Student Council is consulted about the formation of, and reviewing of, new and existing school policies. The Council gives the students a coherent voice to affect positive change within our school.

Student Council 2022 - 2023

1 Emerald Abbie McKenna
1 Opal Grace Kelly
1 Sapphire Orla Reville
2 Emerald Grace Ryan
2 Opal Emily Cowan
2 Sapphire Siofra Kileen
3 Emerald Rionach Fleming
3 Opal Leisha Daly
3 Sapphire Yvette Davis
4 Gold Sarah Williams
4 Silver Lara Maria Chassagne
4 Bronze Hannah Lawless
5 Ruby Grace Bunce
5 Diamond Kelly O'Neill
5 Pearl Saoirse Mitchell Fewings
6 Ruby Noah Neiland
6 Diamond Millie Collard
6 Pearl Alex O'Flaherty


 Student Council Members 2022-2023

Student Council